Aktuality 1

28.12.2009 17:01
The Newspapers In Education Program has been one of The Prague Post Endowment Fund's major programs. Since 1992, we have been sending montly English language lesson plans to over 50 secondary schools across the Czech Republic.
Our lesson plans seek to aid teachers in teaching current issues that may not be covered in traditional curriculum. English language learning is encouraged through lessons that focus upon recent issues, business, critical thinking, new technologies etc.

Part of each lesson plan is connected to an article in The Prague Post newspaper. Other part of the lesson plan includes questions and activities that are designed to encourage better comprehension of specific articles in the paper and to elicit class discussion. It also includes English grammar and vocabulary, and activities that are encouraged to build English skills.

The Newspapers In Education Program relies mainly on corporate sponsorship. Thanks to our sponsors we can distribute these educational materials free of charge to schools, otherwise unable to afford the cost of specialized teaching aids. We are proud to provide the link between the sponsors and the schools.

If you would like to join our program or would like more information about Newspapers In Education, please contact us at nadace@praguepost.cz